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Rubena St. Louis – Illuminates at Elluminate

[splashcast FBZG2929MC] 

Rubena St. Louis’ presentation on Designing Your Own Materials was a wealth of information.   Rubena asks the participants to take a close look at what course materials are and suggests that teachers consider developing some of their own support material.  Teacher created content serves a “particular” group.  It is coursework which has been developed and personalized to meet the needs of a particular class. 

For those participants lucky enough to attend the presentation, thank you for being such a great audience.  For those who were unable to attend – not to worry as Rubena’s noteworthy presentation is now a part of BaW08!  We encourage you to keep the dialog going by leaving comments.



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Elluminate Live Session

Jonathan took us through several exercises while the back chat room rocked with information and suggestions. We hope that the nearly 30 BAWers had a great time and that those unable to attend will enjoy the recording (to be posted soon). What did you think about this virtual room for your online classes?


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