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Graham Stanley’s Live Session at WiZiQ

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Another great live session in BaW08, this time presented by Graham Stanley on WiZiQ, focusing on blogs, wikis and podcasts. He and an enthusiastic group of participants discussed the potential of different tools, how to make the most of them in class, and some of their advantages and limitations.

We would like to thank Graham for being with the Webheads group once again and for sharing with us his expertise in blogging, ‘wikiing’ and podcasting. Our thanks also to all the participants who attended the session and contributed with their questions, thoughts and ideas.

Here’s a link to our wiki, where you can find the slideshow and a link to the recording – thanks Dafne, for setting up the page! We are now looking forward to your comments on the event!


Mônica, José Antônio and Nelba (week 3 moderators)



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