Aiden & Rita: Two “blended learning” experiences

 Aiden Yeh and Rita Zeinstejer are by now a “classic” duet in BaW. Last Tuesday (Feb. 19) they gave BaW08 participants two very professional and eye-opening presentations with a lot of “food for thought” and sources of inspiration for blended learning.

Thank you both, dear friends, for a fantastic “grand finale” to BaW08 live sessions!  🙂 Teresa and Dafne



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7 responses to “Aiden & Rita: Two “blended learning” experiences

  1. Rita and Aiden’s presentation was definitely inspiring. I’m sure many participants got motivated to begin their own projects (I did!).

  2. Natalia

    I liked the presentation very much. Unfortunately I didn’t stay long as my Internet connection went down quite of a sudden. But I heard some of Aiden’s talk and it was very impressive. Clear, well structured and inspring. Besides, Aiden used Flypaper for her presentation. And I saw a good example of how it could be done. I ‘ll be looking forward to their presentations and hope I’ll be more lucky with my connection.

  3. silviaepeco

    I believe Aiden-Rita’s presentation this week is a clear example of what blended learning/teaching is like: a combination of online activities or projects with face-to-face learning.
    In their joint undertaking both of them exceeded expectations!! As for me, I find Rita’s content and topic much more suitable to my own teaching practice, whereas Aiden’s seems to appeal to a different kind of audience, one who seems to focus on Using Web 2.0 in Advertising.
    I’ve profited a lot out of them.
    Thanks a lot Aiden and Rita for sharing your enriching experiences.
    Silvia from Argentina.

  4. Hi everyone,
    I was reading the comments from above and I have to say that I agree with them.
    I loved the way they both presented the topics, and I understood what Alado was and how I can use it for blended classes.
    Aiden’s presentation was awesome. I could relate everything I knew of methods to her presentation. I could imagine myself adapting her activities to my student’s needs.
    Rita’s presentation was also inspiring and dynamic. She mentioned tools that I haven’t had the time to explore but I’ve seen how my webmates have used them, so I’m waiting for a little time to start using them myself.
    I really enjoyed the last presentation of our course. Now I’m motivated to start teaching my hubby in Antarctica and my students here in Argentina.
    Thanks a million,
    Lore (from Argentina)

  5. Maria Rosario Di Mónaco

    I agree with the comments above: a most inspiring presentation, with lots of tools to explore and ideas to put into practice.
    Blended learning, especially if carried out in such a know-how and know-why way, seems to be the perfect recipe to achieve high levels of motivation among our students. I will definitely try to implement it.
    Thanks a lot Aiden and Rita for sharing your knowledge and expertise!
    Mary (from Argentina)

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Remonstrate.

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