Rubena St. Louis – Illuminates at Elluminate

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Rubena St. Louis’ presentation on Designing Your Own Materials was a wealth of information.   Rubena asks the participants to take a close look at what course materials are and suggests that teachers consider developing some of their own support material.  Teacher created content serves a “particular” group.  It is coursework which has been developed and personalized to meet the needs of a particular class. 

For those participants lucky enough to attend the presentation, thank you for being such a great audience.  For those who were unable to attend – not to worry as Rubena’s noteworthy presentation is now a part of BaW08!  We encourage you to keep the dialog going by leaving comments.



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3 responses to “Rubena St. Louis – Illuminates at Elluminate

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I really enjoyed the presentation. Although I logged in a little late, it was great to her Rubena telling us how to develop teaching materials to our students. Besides that, I could also make my delicious account a little more delicious with some links suggested by Rubena and some of the participants.
    Thanks Rubena

  2. baw08

    As usual, Rubena delighted us with lots of food for thought about why we should create our own materials or adapt existing materials to cater to our students needs and learning styles and always trying to promote learner autonomy.

    Thanks Rubena for taking the time to share your expertise with us 🙂



  3. Hi everybody, I couldn’t attend the meeting because internet connection was down that day. However, I listened and saw the presentation today and I have to say that it was an amazing presentation.
    While listening to Rubena’s presentation I couldn’t help thinking about Methods and how we need to know how to use all the tools we have at hand with the knowledge we have about teaching.
    The presentation was really clear and appealing. I will have to see it again to take it all in, but I really loved it.
    Thanks moderators and co-moderators for choosing someone so proficient as Rubena. And thank you Rubena for taking your time and preparing such a wonderful slideshow.
    See you all around,
    Lore (from Argentina)

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