Alado Session

Andy Pincon gave a very motivating tour of Alado and all the marvelous work that is being accomplished by him and his group. I hope that our “Family of Webheads” can be inspirational in spreading this type of dedicated service to the world.  Those of you who were with us, please post your thoughts, and those unable to participate watch for a posting of the chats and a recording of the session.



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4 responses to “Alado Session

  1. Maria Rosario Di Mónaco

    I attended today’s session at Alado and really enjoyed it.
    Andy gave a motivating presentation about his group’s work. Recycling computers and providing digital literacy should be a must in a world where many people can change their computers every three years while as many others are shut out of all these new developments. It is to be hoped that initiatives like this be imitated in other parts of the world.
    About Alado, I liked the fact that it is an attractive environment, truly user-friendly and (most important) accessible to all kinds of equipment.
    A really inspirational session. Thanks Andy and dear Webheads!

  2. silviaepeco

    On Saturday 9th I had the opportunity of attending the live synchronous session in Alado. All in all it was a memorable learning experience. I was really thrilled because I could hear almost everything that was going on in the virtual classroom. However, I wasn’t able to talk due to improper mike setup.
    I found the session highly engaging! I was able to learn a lot and become aware of the educational application of this tool, especially for adult education. Andy was very clear in his delivery and the participants proved to be motivated and there was a lot of interaction.
    As Mary mentioned above, the job of recycling old computers and providing digital literacy to those who cannot afford it is amazing! It’s time other organizations could imitate Andy’s!! It would be a way of building bridges between countries!
    It was a real pleasure to be able to participate in that real-time session.
    Thank you Andy and all the Webheads!
    Silvia Colombo from Argentina.

  3. Dear Andy:
    This year I had the opportunity to stay twice at your portal attending live presentations.
    I enjoy Alado very much, it works perfectly on simple computers when you use slides not too charged with tools.
    As you say, the simpler the better. The aim is to reach as far as possible. As you showed us in your presentation, once you reach a place you enable technology to sustain elaborated tools. I know you set up powerful tools to handle SL.
    Again, like in the journey to Santiago, Alado flies ahead to pave the road for others with no self interests.
    I wish there were more people like you in real life!
    Besos: Maru

  4. Good posting. Looking forward to seeing you write more articles about this subject.

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