Elluminate Live Session

Jonathan took us through several exercises while the back chat room rocked with information and suggestions. We hope that the nearly 30 BAWers had a great time and that those unable to attend will enjoy the recording (to be posted soon). What did you think about this virtual room for your online classes?



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7 responses to “Elluminate Live Session

  1. fcestudentsblog

    I was simply thrilled! As Melanie said in the yahoo group, it felt like being in a f2f class. Jonathan made us feel so comfortable and engaged that time flew by.
    He gave us, and elicited from us, lots of ideas. Besides, he guided us through the technical aspects of the platform so clearly that I think all of us could follow him without any major problems.
    As for this virtual room, I think it is quite user-friendly, even for inexperienced people. The clear layout, the whiteboard and the emoticons contributed to creating the impression of being in a real classroom.
    An unforgettable, most fulfilling experience.
    Mary from Argentina

  2. baw08

    Dear Jonathan,
    Unfortunatelly, I was not able to be in your session from the beginning and that makes me really mad and sad. However, just with the 7 minutes I was there, I could feel the excitement in the air 🙂
    So, I am happy that I will be able to go to the recording 😉

    Thanks for collaborating with us once again!!!!


  3. Dear Jonathan,
    It was definetely thrilling to be there. It felt like a f2f class, just a lot more interesting with a great deal of dialogue and discovery. I doubt one could accomplish such amount and quality of participation, discussion, and sharing in an hour of f2f class. Everything was just perfect. It was wonderful to be there. Thank you and all the participants, coordinators, and week 4 moderators for making that possible.
    José Antônio

  4. Nergiz

    Extremely engaging and fun demo by Jonathan.
    This session and tool shows that distance and online learning can be as interactive and engaging as a f2f class. Jonathan also has a wonderful way of introducing people to new technology without it being too much in the foreground.
    Thank you, Jonathan!


  5. Melanie

    I got so many ideas for how to use synchronous sessions for learning from this ‘class’! Most important for me was what Jonathan said about think of what you would do in a f2f session and then think how you could adapt that to the online environment. He did this with the example of the ‘balloons’ when you say… I feel.. etc. which started as a f2f classroom task. I’ve been overwhelmed by the technology and was beginning to let that drive me. Now I see it’s simply a tool and I need to think how to make it work to do what I want. This was an ‘epiphany’ moment for me. Thanks!

  6. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the session in time. In spite of that, I observed the room carefully and went through the slideshow… I found it interesting and with potential for the classes. I got the idea that different activities could be carried out, and tasks assigned to the participants … I also noticed the ABCD buttons on top, which suggested me the possibilities to choose answers or state points of view, etc… I also went to the Alamo virtual classroom but I didn’t find it as rich, at least visually. About the session, there is little for me to say: I would have to get there earlier…

  7. Wow loved reading your article. I added your rss to my reader.

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