Graham Stanley’s Live Session at WiZiQ

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Another great live session in BaW08, this time presented by Graham Stanley on WiZiQ, focusing on blogs, wikis and podcasts. He and an enthusiastic group of participants discussed the potential of different tools, how to make the most of them in class, and some of their advantages and limitations.

We would like to thank Graham for being with the Webheads group once again and for sharing with us his expertise in blogging, ‘wikiing’ and podcasting. Our thanks also to all the participants who attended the session and contributed with their questions, thoughts and ideas.

Here’s a link to our wiki, where you can find the slideshow and a link to the recording – thanks Dafne, for setting up the page! We are now looking forward to your comments on the event!


Mônica, José Antônio and Nelba (week 3 moderators)



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13 responses to “Graham Stanley’s Live Session at WiZiQ

  1. Hi everyone,
    It was really a great evening for me. Thanks a lot Graham for the fantastic session. Everything was perfect and the participation of the audience with comments and questions just made it an even richer, meaningful learning experience. I felt privileged to be present and to be part of such an engaged and enthusiastic group of learners. Thanks again Graham, Teresa, Dafne and all the others who have contributed to make this event so remarkable.
    Jose Antonio

  2. Sally La Luzerne-Oi

    Graham’s presentation was very informative, and the photos and cartoons on his slides were delightful! I learned a lot from the session and the comments made by the participants. In addition, I found out about WiziQ in the process!

    Thanks to Graham and all of you who made the event possible.

  3. teresadeca

    Hi, Graham!
    Thanks for another very eye-opening presentation with fabulous photos and cartoons. It’s really enjoyable to have a meaningful photo and just hear you talk about what it relates to.
    And there were very interesting comments in the text chat area that we unfortunately lost. 😦
    I’ve always considered that one of the most pleasant advantages of an online presentation is that the audience can chat on the side about what is going on without being rude. If we were in a f2f presentation, all the whispering and talking that text chat represents, would be considered totally rude and unpleasant for who’s speaking. Lesson learned: we get much more out of an online presentation! 🙂
    It was great having you with us again!
    Hugs, Teresa

  4. ronaldojunior

    Hey everybody!
    It was a pleasure to be with all of you at WiZiQ yesterday. Thanks Graham for the great overview of all these tools, which provide us teacher with so many possibilities. Also, from the chat interaction I could bookmark many interesting links that were shared and now I’m having fun exploring them.
    Regards from brazil!

  5. Melanie

    I’ve just enjoyed the recording of the session and taken lots of notes. I really liked the slides and found information about flickr as a resource useful. This has given me lots to think about, so much so, that I don’t know where to start! Thanks Graham for an inspiring session

  6. Nergiz

    Hi Graham

    Thank you very much for your presentation. Although, I’ve missed half of what you said due to interruptions (due to my bandwidth I guess) it was interesting.

    Teresa, you pointed out something that I wanted to ask about. For me, it looked rude that we chatted about all kinds of things while Graham was giving his presentation. As you pointed out, this would be considered extremely rude in a normal f2f presentation. Is this not the case online? How did you feel about this Graham?
    I’m new to such evens so I’m genuinely interested in what is considered appropriate behaviour.

  7. Silvia Colombo

    Hi everybody!
    I attended the live presentation yesterday evening full of expectations. However, as Nergiz mentioned above, I missed quite a lot of it due to technical problems. Several times I got disconnected, and sometimes the voice was very low, but I could enjoy the meaningful and thought-provoking photos and cartoons!!
    It was great to see so many enthusiastic colleagues interacting in the chat and I could learn interesting tips from many of them.
    I’m looking forward to listening to the recording!!
    Thanks Graham for your presentation!!
    Hugs from Argentina.

  8. I thought Graham’s presentation was a concise wrap-up of the various blog, podcast and wiki hosts and the ways these can be used in English language teaching. It was my first time in WiZiQ, and there were a few things I did not like: the size of the screen (which was not resizable, although the text chat font was really hard to see and went by very very fast) and the fact that I could not open another screen next to it. For me the sound was very good and the graphics/colors were sharp and clear. Like many others, I am sorry that there is no way to save the chatlog for later.

    I have to confess that although I find the chat irresistible, participating in it really distracts me from what the presenter is saying. Also I feel that if I don’t look at it at all, I might miss some question or greeting directed at me and would be thought rude.

  9. Isabel Teixeira

    The session was really informative with so many links to interesting tools. Actually , it was interesting to see that many people are alredy using audio tools and blogs with their students.I personally find working with wikis too difficult. But it would be interesting to have some ideas to work with them.I also enjoyed participating and asking Graham about how long we should keep a blog and how to keep students motivated to write.

  10. Mirian

    Well, the session was great, Graham… always paving the way for us followers and teachers who want to keep up with the latest trends in English Language teaching that seek to find ways to adapt to our students’ needs and understand the way our native digital inmigrants learn and socialize in the web.

    Thanks a lot,
    Mirian (Arg.)

  11. Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that the session we had with Graham was wonderful. Really entertaining and instructive. It was my first time using WiziQ and it looked like a lot to Eluminate… but the good thing about WiziQ is that it is for free! so I am considering using it with my students this year… when I’m back from my holidays 🙂
    I loved how he started with our knowledge and tried to lead us to what he wanted to tell us.
    To put it in a nutshell, it was a wonderful session and I loved it. Thanks a lot to the whole group, my webmates and Graham. See you soon,
    Lore (Argentina)

  12. mmvcentro

    Hi everyone!
    Graham’s presentation was wonderful, it rocketed me to the sky. It was my first time at WiZiQ and I found it very user friendly, I did not have to bother downloading plugins and unknown stuff that may cause conflicting issues to the PC. I find this feature irresistible because I work from a cyber and my targeted student’s group do not have computer at home either. I felt safe using it! The only thig I had to do to get ready for the lesson was to test and try out the sound quality of the speakers and mic at Skype in advance. So I logged in justo to enjoy the ride. So simple!! The volume of one speaker was very low but understandable. I know that to be leading a session may not be so simple but I am eager to try it out.
    Besides, it allows control over the participant´s mics which is a difficult task at Skype. I did not see, there was so much going on at the same time, if the hands up icons were numbered as in Alado.
    The chat flies up very quickly, even more than in Tappedin.
    I deeply regret that the chat log was lost, the participants presented us with very helpful tips and links. That leaves me with a conflict: voice and chat are unvaluable, where do I focus my attention to get the best out of the experience? The blip sound of the chat did not bother me.
    A feature selected the color of my text, could I have chosen it?.
    This comment box shows a big text size, I have not found out if I can change it so I hope it does not show as big as I see it because I will take a lot of space.
    I want to thank Graham, moderators, co-moderators and participants for an enlightening hour in my life. Love: Maru

  13. Maria Rosario Di Mónaco

    What a great session! I was excited just by listening to the recording so I guess being actually there must have been thrilling.
    Thanks, Graham, for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I got many useful ideas and wrote down lots of links that I intend to explore to make my teaching practice more efficient and appealing to my students.
    Mary (Argentina)

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