Jeff Lebow´s Live Session Part II

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The second part of our session with Jeff Lebow took place today in Skype and Wordbridges at 17GMT. It was a fantastic session for many reasons: the way it was brilliantly conducted by Jeff, the live participation (through skype calls) of  webheads, webheads to be, participants from other EVO sessions, moderators and coordinators. Besides that, there was all the sharing that usually happens backstage and in the frontline. Thank you again Jeff for this another great hour and something of learning and sharing.

We would also like to thank all of those present or not who have contributed to the greatness of this event. A recording of the session will be available soon for those who could not attend it or who wish to listen to it again.

Feel free to share your impressions with the group posting yur comments here.

Thanks a lot

Jose Antonio, Dennis, and Fernanda

The Week 2 Team



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8 responses to “Jeff Lebow´s Live Session Part II

  1. Ronaldo

    Once again, it was a pleasure to listen to and chat with so many edutech enthusiasts!
    A great way to start our week!
    Thanks Jeff and BaW08 moderators

  2. Unlike the world of movies – where ‘part 2’ is never as good as ‘part 1’ – this session at Worldbridges was every bit as interesting as the one I attended last week! Thank you Jeff and BaWers (and BaWers-to-be) for another fantastic online experience. That was a perfect way to end week 2! 🙂

  3. baw08

    It was a fun session as usual 🙂 Jeff had to phone me all the way to Caracas because my Internet connection was slow and the sound was choppy. So, I had to hold the phone on my shoulder to be able to interact in all the chat windows I had around. I was writing with my left hand and moving the mouse with the right one.
    It was great to listen to all the mods, comods, coords, and participants 🙂
    The cherry on top of the cake, was the impromptu party we had at the end of the session in Second Life, where we ended up dancing 😉

    Thanks Jeff, and all!



  4. JarredB

    I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was a lot of fun being able to participate in a chat, listen to a conference, and also speak on skype. It was amazing and I can really see this being used in the classroom. Although the people in the session were miles apart this live session really brought people together. It was good to hear from the different moderators and what has been going on behind the scenes. Also, Jeff was a great moderator for the session. Thanks, Jarred

  5. Silvia Colombo

    All in all it was a very enriching session. I was delighted because I could listen to everybody. (Then I will check with the recording and the chat log.) In the previous one, there was no sound for me!
    To tell you the truth, I would have liked to skype in, but I didn’t dare. Who knows? Perhaps, next time!
    Thanks Jeff, Fernanda, Jose A. and Dennis for all your care and support! It was a terrific online experience!
    Silvia from Argentina.

  6. As always, I enjoyed interacting with old friends and new at Worldbridges!

  7. Natalia Malkina

    I really liked this experience. I missed the session itself though (I had problem with the sound). I felt strange at first I knew something was going on but had no idea what was it. With the sound fixed It was really exciting for me. I enyoed the presentations from moderators of other EVO groups. It is good to know what is going on there, too. I amazed how many people were involved and what tremendous work everyone is doing. I had a great sense of being physically present with friends new and old ( if 2 weeks can rate as old !!) and the warmth and the fun of it. That was unique. I also appreciate that live sessions are so vitally important not only to demonstrate Web tools and techniques but also to strengthen and to nurture the sense of community.
    Many thanks to the organizers and the particiapnts.
    Frankly speaking I still do not know whether there should have been the video part .

  8. teresadeca

    Hi, Jeff!
    Thanks for another great session and Webheads get-together!
    After six years of being online on a daily basis and voice chatting regularly, I still get goosebumps when the Webhead world is gathered together at the click of the mouse. It seems as if we are all f2f, because sound is usually so good.
    Hurrah for all these communication tools! Hurrah for the Webheads!! And hurrah for Jeff for hosting us!!!
    Hugs all, Teresa

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