Michael Coghlan at Yahoo Messenger

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We, the BaW08 Team, would like to thank all of those who could make it to the live session today at yahoo messenger with Michael Coghlan. It was a very nice event, he talked about integrating voice technology into teaching and discussed the potential of some tools with participants. We also had the pleasure to listen to him singing “Happy Online”, which has become a hit among us webheads. Vance Stevens also joined us and spoke for a few minutes about his experience with voice tools in e-learning. Thanks  a lot Vance.

For those who could not be present or would like to read/see/listen to it once more, here is the chatlog michael-chatlog.doc , the Slideshare Presentation and the recording (will be posted soon).

We would like to say to Michael that we really appreciated having him here with us once again. We would also like to know your opinions and reactions on the event.

Thanks a lot

José Antônio

On behalf of the Week 2 Team (Dennis and Fernanda)



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14 responses to “Michael Coghlan at Yahoo Messenger

  1. teresadeca

    Hi, Michael!
    “Thank you” for being here for the BaW team once again! I’m so sorry that I was forced to miss it, but my thoughts were with you at 12.00 noon and during that class. 🙂
    I’ve seen the presentation and enjoyed the content and interesting questions. Now I’m really looking forward to listening to the recording by none other than “the voice”!
    Hugs and beijinhos, Teresa

  2. Natalia Malkina

    I was lucky to attend the session today. I learned a lot about vice tools available on the net and their potential. I also understood that my preferances lie with voice tools for leaning and teaching and this is the area I would like to explore more carefully. And I am looking forwrd to learn more about the classrom use of these tools and experiences.
    That was a wonderful presentation and the song was great. I started singing at the end of the session- unforgettable experience.Thank you, Michael, and Jose and Fernanda and Daf and everyone who made it possible.

  3. Mirian

    I’ve enjoyed this live session a lot! and I’ve learnt many things as well. Many web tools for integrating voice into my teaching practice still need to be explored by me, but for the time being, it’s good to get to know them before I start to apply them into my classes.

    Well, goodbye for now… and thanks again for your commitment.

  4. Hello everyone,
    I could attend the meeting today and it was fantastic. Unfortunately I hadn’t read the comments before it, so I didn’t sign in 15 minutes as suggested and I hadn’t read the mail about the slide show that Michael was going to use. However, I really enjoy the meeting and I could see how YM worked in its full. I’ve used YM to teach English on-line and I just used it with one student, with the webcam and a mic. But now thanks to Mike I can see that there is more to YM.
    I really loved his song and I will check on his website to see if I can find it.
    I wanted to thank everyone also for helping me have the best birthday ever! I can’t find the right words to tell you how glad I was to be greeted by so many people, and from so many different places! Thanks a lot, you made my day 🙂
    See you around,

  5. Silvia Colombo

    Hi everybody!
    I could attend the live session today but I didn’t manage to hear anything! I wish I had read the messages related to it! As I’m not a techie, I didn’t know why I couln’t hear anything!. Perhaps, it was due to my lack of computing skills or because of technical problems.To tell you the truth, I felt quite frustrated!! However, I could then read the chatlog and see the slideshare presentation. I’m looking forward to listening to the recording, as Teresa says. Luckily, I could listen to Michael’s songs from his website. What a wonderful voice!!
    Thanks a lot for letting me know about so many online tools to enhance my teaching!!
    Silvia from Argentina.

  6. Noemi Cavalaro

    Hi BaWers !

    I had a wonderful experience yesterday. I learned a lot and had the chance of listening to the whole session though I missed the songs ;-(

    It was a great opportunity to learn by doing even if making mistakes-they are part of the learning process 😉

    Thank you!!!

    Best regards,


  7. I had the pleasure of joining with the webheads and webheads-to-be to listen to Mike Coghlan yesterday, bright and early at 7 a.m. EST! I enjoyed Mike’s presentation and his entertaining slides. Although this is my 3rd time through, I have to confess that I am still a poor multi-tasker. When I pay attention to the text chat (which is often off-topic and includes a lot of greeting, trouble-shooting and unrelated items), I have a hard time following the presentation. What I should do is not look at the chat or participate in it. However, I find it hard to resist, and I was pleased to be able to assist Mike in a small way by posting the slide number as he spoke.

    Since English is my native tongue, I am in awe of anyone who can follow the presentation and the text chat in their second language. Your language skills are amazing.

  8. Dennis in Phoenix

    Hi, everyone.

    My experience with Michael’s Yahoo Messenger yesterday was frustrating, despite the valiant efforts of Dafne (¡Mil gracias!) to help me.

    I was, at first, shocked to see that YM was being used as the platform for the presentation. This was apparently not announced until after I went to bed the night before the presentation, so even though I was ready to connect about 30 minutes before the scheduled start time (which was at 5:00 AM, Phoenix time), I had some extra scrambling to do before I tried to join all of you.

    I’m primarily a Mac user, and I knew that in the past, YM did not have audio capability for Macs, but I thought this might have changed, so I downloaded and installed the latest Mac version–only to find that audio was still unavailable though video supposedly is. I then went to a work-around for YM, Adium, which is available to make YM work for Mac users. I also downloaded the latest version of Adium. Still no audio capability. I was, however, able to participate in the text chat, and I was also able to view the slides.

    It was, however, frustrating to see the slides but not be able to hear what MC was saying, so I left YM/Adium on my Mac and signed in on my PC. This took extra time: plugging in my USB headset, waiting for things to boot up, accessing YM, etc. etc. etc. Then, when I was ready, I had to ask Dafne to invite me again. She did, but I didn’t receive the invitation. Without the invitation, I could participate in text chat and, of course, see the slides, but this was essentially meaningless if I couldn’t hear what Michael was saying, so after waiting for more than 5 minutes to receive Dafne’s invitation, I left.

    I could be upset by all the above, but I’m not for three reasons:

    1. These things happen, and dealing with them in a productive way is part of the learning process. So is knowing when to fish and when to “cut bait.”

    2. I was (and am) very grateful for the scrambling Dafne had to do to send me two separate invitations: a valiant effort!

    3. The chatlogs are already available and the audio soon will be–so even though I missed being a live participant, I won’t miss the content altogether.

    You know, the one thing I’ve learned from participating in lots of live online sessions is that they seldom go as planned and that sometimes unforeseen problems can be fixed on the spot and sometimes they can’t; consequently, you have to be flexible.

    I’m sometimes not flexible at all (usually when I’m already tired), but I certainly can be–and I almost always re-establish a positive attitude pretty quickly.

    That’s what eventually happened vis-a-vis Michael’s presentation.

    Best to all–

    Dennis in Phoenix

  9. Masoud Amiri

    I have been using Yahoo Messenger for a couple of years, but I could not imagine, it would it be possible to use it as a teaching tool which makes virtual classes possible. So I’m really thankful to Michael and all people who provided me with such wonderful opportunity to expandmy horizons.

  10. baw08

    Dear all, and especially Dennis,

    Having a session at Yahoo Messenger is usually challenging because somebody needs to invite participants to the conference, and for this we need to have them as friends in our YM. Usually some people do this while the conference is on and it makes it even more difficult to follow the presentation, invite participants in our list of friends, accepting new friends and then adding them to the conference, while at the same time, helping participants with problems in individual YM windows. Anyway, I enjoyed Michael’s presentation as I have been doing since our first BaW, always in YM, and I am always eager to listen to Michael singing “Happy Online” 🙂 Thanks Michael!!!

    Dear Dennis, as I said before, Michael has always presented at YM, and even before the session started we had the site for his presentation on our live sessions page. This was not a last minute decision. Regarding the re-invitation for you, I sent it as soon as you asked me, then I was asked by Michael to explain the way I use VoiceThread with my students, and that’s why it took me a while to send you the next invitation, not to mention that you were not the only one asking for help in other windows. Sorry I wasn´t fast enough 😦

    I would like to thank JA for his help during the session, Fernanda for recording, and Nina for posting the slides numbers in the chat as Michael announced the changes. And of course, my thanks also go to all the enthusiastic audience 🙂

    Hugs to all,


  11. Isabelle

    Hi everyone !

    Thanks to Michael for the great slideshow and audio presentation. I wans’t able to participate live, but I just caught on with everyone, and it was really helpful.
    I could see the different possibilities offered by using the 3 media together: YM as a chatlog, a synchronous voice presentation and a slideshow. This would really feel like a class if the students were asked to participate into the conversation! I would like to try something similar with my former students, who are back on their countries all around the world. I’ve thought about it since we had a tour of Tapped In and I realised all the different possibilties there are out there.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and thanks to the BaW team for posting it so quickly and efficiently online so I could access it later.

    Have a great week,

  12. teresadeca

    Dear Michael,
    I just heard your voice presentation and was able to follow it well, because I’d previously gone through the Slideshare presentation. It was another great session with the “Happy Online!” grand finale. 🙂
    Thank you!
    Hugs, Teresa

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