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Graham Stanley’s Live Session at WiZiQ

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Another great live session in BaW08, this time presented by Graham Stanley on WiZiQ, focusing on blogs, wikis and podcasts. He and an enthusiastic group of participants discussed the potential of different tools, how to make the most of them in class, and some of their advantages and limitations.

We would like to thank Graham for being with the Webheads group once again and for sharing with us his expertise in blogging, ‘wikiing’ and podcasting. Our thanks also to all the participants who attended the session and contributed with their questions, thoughts and ideas.

Here’s a link to our wiki, where you can find the slideshow and a link to the recording – thanks Dafne, for setting up the page! We are now looking forward to your comments on the event!


Mônica, José Antônio and Nelba (week 3 moderators)



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Jeff Lebow´s Live Session Part II

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The second part of our session with Jeff Lebow took place today in Skype and Wordbridges at 17GMT. It was a fantastic session for many reasons: the way it was brilliantly conducted by Jeff, the live participation (through skype calls) of  webheads, webheads to be, participants from other EVO sessions, moderators and coordinators. Besides that, there was all the sharing that usually happens backstage and in the frontline. Thank you again Jeff for this another great hour and something of learning and sharing.

We would also like to thank all of those present or not who have contributed to the greatness of this event. A recording of the session will be available soon for those who could not attend it or who wish to listen to it again.

Feel free to share your impressions with the group posting yur comments here.

Thanks a lot

Jose Antonio, Dennis, and Fernanda

The Week 2 Team


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Michael Coghlan at Yahoo Messenger

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We, the BaW08 Team, would like to thank all of those who could make it to the live session today at yahoo messenger with Michael Coghlan. It was a very nice event, he talked about integrating voice technology into teaching and discussed the potential of some tools with participants. We also had the pleasure to listen to him singing “Happy Online”, which has become a hit among us webheads. Vance Stevens also joined us and spoke for a few minutes about his experience with voice tools in e-learning. Thanks  a lot Vance.

For those who could not be present or would like to read/see/listen to it once more, here is the chatlog michael-chatlog.doc , the Slideshare Presentation and the recording (will be posted soon).

We would like to say to Michael that we really appreciated having him here with us once again. We would also like to know your opinions and reactions on the event.

Thanks a lot

José Antônio

On behalf of the Week 2 Team (Dennis and Fernanda)


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Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier’s Live Session

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Jeff and Dave conducted a wonderful session last night in Worldbridges and Skype. We thank them for all the tips and for teaching us so much. We would love to read your comments about the session. For those who couldn´t make it, just click on this link to listen to the recording of the webcast. 


José Antônio


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Tapped In Tour Sunday 29th Jan

Thanks to BJB for sharing her wonderful world with us. We all had a great tour of Tapped In today at 17.00 GMT.

If you were unable to attend, please take a look at the chat log here:

We’d love to hear what you think about Tapped In so please leave a comment. 🙂

Sasha Sirk and Kat Urbaniak
Week 1 Moderators


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